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Attendance Requirements

Attendance Requirements

  • Before the first meet, every athlete needs to attend at least 10 practices, in accordance with WIAA Rules (Please note Rule 17.9.8)
  • In addition, if a club swimmer misses a high school meet to participate in a club meet, they will become ineligible for the rest of the high school season unless previously approved by AD or head coach.
  • Please don’t ask for special arrangements to be able to participate in other non-school athletic activities.
  • As much as coaches may want to comply we are not in a position to do so. These two WIAA rules must be followed at all times:

    18.19.2 Schools may not give special treatment or privileges to individual athletes on a regular basis to enable them to participate in non-school athletic activities, such as reduced practice times, special workouts, late arrivals or early dismissals.

    62.2.0 Swimmers must practice their entire practice session with their high school team in order to be eligible to compete for that team.

    These rules translate into our only two team attendance rules:

  • Attendance at Meets is mandatory.
  • The Thursday practice before a Friday swim meet is mandatory in order to compete in the meet unless pre-approved by Coach Loy/or Lacey London.
  • After the first Meet: All athletes are encouraged to attend one practice a day, however, they can miss one practice without penalty per week. 

  • If an athlete does not meet this minimum requirement, she will not be allowed to compete in the following meet. (This rule is in effect during the regular season as well as championship weeks) and will not letter.

    Excused absences are still accepted. Please notify coaches of conflicts as soon as possible.

    If you are interested in the WIAA rules and want to learn more go to http://www.wiaa.com/ under publications you will find the Handbook which contains all the rules coaches must follow to comply with the WIAA.

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