Survey results. Please, register for Season 1 on Family ID

    Hi Team,

    I want to share with you the results of the survey.

    According to the results, more teammates cannot swim in the mornings and most favor the afternoons. With that information, we went ahead and secured the afternoon swim times.

    I understand that some of you cannot make afternoons. I, too, prefer mornings. I recognize that some of you will need transportation. We will be working on this and hope to have a bus but I do not know if this is possible at this time. I also am very sympathetic to those of you on the west side. It is going to be a rough drive for me as well.

    Please, be assured that like last year, you will not be required to come to practice daily. I know that some of you have club workouts in the afternoon that you must attend. It will be up to you and your club coach as to whether you want to do high school swim team. You do not need to make this decision right now. I still am waiting on more information and do not know yet what our season will have to offer regarding competitions, etc. But I do need to know right now is if you are interested in still being on SWIVE. I only have 31 athletes registered for Season 1 on Family ID and I need the rest of you to register as soon as possible so I can figure out swim practices. You can always quit afterwards if you find out it just isn’t going to be a good fit for you this year.

    I will not take it personally if you find yourself feeling like this way. Of course, it will hurt but I understand that you must put yourself and your family first during these uncertain times.

    We visit the pool tomorrow to see what it has to offer. I will follow up with an email. I do not even know our start date yet. So, please hold off on any questions until I find out more. I still have a lot of questions about Dive as well. I am doing the best I can between WIAA and Metro League and HNA. I do not want to give you bad information.


    Coach Loy

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