Please check that you have registered (See List)

    Hi SWIVE,

    Family ID - I am writing you because it appears that some of you THINK you have registered for Season 1 on Family ID, but you have not.

    If you are having trouble seeing the new Registration for Family ID, try logging out and logging back in or use a different browser. You should be registering for Season 1.

    SwimTopia - I have provided a list of those of you whom have successfully registered for Season 1.

    I use SwimTopia to do most of my communicating because it has both athlete and more than one guardian. It is important for you to register on SwimTopia if you want to get emails. I also, post news so you can easily look up an old email I may have sent out. Home - Holy Names Academy Swimming (swimtopia.com)

    If you have not re-registered for the 2020-21 Season, you will need to do. You may have registered earlier in the season, but you will need to do so again. Sorry about that. I have provided a list of who has successfully registered. If this is your first time, you just log into SwimTopia Holy Names with the link I provided above, CLICK on the green Registration (button) and follow the directions. Please, make sure to list your grade.

    Information you may have missed:

    • We will be swimming in the afternoons at Overlake Golf and Country Club.
    • The pool is 14 minutes from Holy Names Academy.
    • The pool is outdoors.
    • We will be allowed to use the locker rooms and showers as long as we are following the guidelines.
    • You will not practice daily. The team will be divided based on availability.
    • Practices are from 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm or 5:00 pm. I do not expect you to get into the water until about 3:15 pm. I will be coming from the school as well.
    • We are scheduled to start February 22nd but that can change to a later date.
    • We do not have answers yet for how, when, or whom we will compete against.
    • We do not know yet if dual sports will be allowed.
    • The diving board is not adjustable so dive practice most likely will take place at one of the public pools along with other Metro divers.

    That is all the information I have at this point. Please, look at the lists below and register if you do not see your name. Also, you may get this message four times. Please, spread the word if you know of someone that is not getting any messages at all.

    Thank you. And I hope to see you on campus. I am one of the resident substitute teachers.

    Sincerely – Coach (of the BEST TEAM IN THE ENTIRE WORLD!!!!)

    Katherine Adams
    Erica Adams
    Erin Austin
    katherine baber
    Megan Bigalk
    Maddie Blackmore
    Augusta Castrodale
    Vanessa Chesley
    Leyla Collins
    Stella Cross
    Caroline Crow
    Anaiysaa Deswal
    Rayna Ejarque
    Tess Forster
    Hope Gelfand
    Mackenzie Guy
    Anna Kleewein
    Ava Kunz
    Nora Lee
    Vilija Liffick
    Sofia Malaspino
    Emmie Mathieu
    Pari McDonald
    Ana McDonald
    Kaitlyn McMorrow
    Aili Orkand
    Marielle Pangelinan
    Noelle Peck
    Sophia Rivera
    Hannah Ross
    Elise Scott
    Carmen Sidler-Dever
    Gabrielle Smith
    Margaret Straley
    Lauren Tagavilla
    Mae Vanderslice
    Fiona Williams
    Zahra Wooden
    Bigalk, Megan Autobee-Bigalk, Brenda
    Bigalk, Greg
    Lee, Nora Lee, Chris
    Lee, Meredith
    Liffick, Vilija Raisys, Rasa
    Vanderslice, Mae Vanderslice, Carrie
    Vanderslice, Jim
    Williams, Fiona Williams, Keith
    Yang-Williams, Kathy
    Wooden, Zahra Wooden, Gracia
    Wooden, Jason
    Hutson, Kaia Hutson, Annemarie
    Hutson, Jason
    Mathieu, Imogen "Emmie" Mathieu, Anne
    Mathieu, Joe
    McMorrow, Kaitlyn Valdivia, Ruth
    Orkand, Aili Orkand, Adam
    Theisen, Anne
    Ross, Hannah Ross, Claudia
    Ross, Stanley
    Tagavilla, Lauren Tagavilla, Anna
    Tagavilla, Anthony
    Castrodale, Augusta Castrodale, Jonathan
    Ropp, Katherine
    Kleewein, Anna Huang, Josette
    Kleewein, James
    Adams, Katherine Adams, Cathleen
    Adams, Eric
    Baber, Katherine "Katie" Baber, Carl
    Baber, Dawn
    Baberr, Dawn
    Gelfand, Hope Ballinger, Kristin
    Gelfand, Jason
    McDonald, Pari Bahner, Indira
    McDonald, Greg
    Rivera, Sophia Rivera, Cecile
    Rivera, Willem
    Berard, Isabella "Bella" Berard, Julie
    Berard, Todd
    Cross, Stella Cross, Noel
    Cross, Stephanie
    Guy, Mackenzie Guy, Dan
    Guy, Wendy
    McDonald, Ana Bahner, Indira
    McDonald, Greg
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