Important Swim and Dive Information - PLEASE READ

    Hello SWIVE Athletes!

    We start practice next week! I am so excited. Here are a few things you will need to know.

    SCHEDULING PRACTICES/Heja App: We will be doing practice sign-ups via the Heja Sports Scheduling app just like we did last year. This will allow the most flexibility for all athletes. We have approximately 45 athletes signed up. For those of you who are new to SWIVE, this is a very easy app to use specifically made for sports. This will allow me to see who is coming to practice. I will be sending each of you an invitation. If you do not have a phone, please let me know and I will invite your guardian instead.


    • Monday,Wednesday,Thursday – 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm;
    • Tuesday,Friday – 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm
    • oPlease, try to attend at least 2 practices per week. You may attend more if there is room. IE: You go to practice on Monday and Wednesday but see only 18 athletes are signed up for Thursday and Friday. You may sign up.
    • oYou may sign up for another day if you are not able to make your scheduled day if room.
    • oWe are allowed (24) athletes in the pool at a time. That is (4) per lane.

    The following is suggested scheduling. We will review after two weeks. The practice weeks will be scheduled to maximize bonding between within your grades. The other weeks will follow the Hybrid schedule via alphabetical order. These are recommended but you may switch days if ther is room

    February 22nd – 27th Practice (By grades for bonding time)

    • Freshmen and Sophomores are recommended to sign up for Tuesdays and Thursdays (5 open spots)
    • Juniors and Seniors are recommended to sign up for Mondays and Wednesdays
    • Fridays are open to anyone. (24 open spots)

    March 1 – 13th Time Trials and Virtual Meets (By Hybrid, you are expected to come on your in-schooling day as well as one to two more days). Ex. Jane Doe comes on Monday and chooses Thursday, Friday

    • Monday – A-D (9 open spots)
    • Tuesday – E-K (14 open spots)
    • Wednesday – L-P (14 open spots)
    • Thursday – Q-Z (10 open spots)
    • Friday – OPEN (24 Open spots)

    COMPETITION SCHEDULE: I am attaching our Metro League competition schedule and Metro League COVID-19 Protocols. I have a meeting with the league on Tuesday the 23rd. I will try to answer any questions we may have at that time.

    SWIM CALENDAR (proposed):

    February 22 – 27 Practice
    March 1 – 6 Time Trials *
    March 8 – 13 Virtual Meet 1 **
    March 15 – 20 Practice
    March 22 – 27 Time Trials
    March 29 – April 3 Virtual Meet 2
    April 5 – 10 Practice
    April 12 – 17 Time Trials

    DUAL SPORTS: The Metro League has approved participating in two sports if one is no contact. This will be very helpful for Dive and Gymnastics. Dive practices are most likely going to be at Queen Anne pool immediately after school. Please, talk to your coaches before deciding what to do. The last thing we want is for anyone to overdo it. For those of you who swim and dive, my hope is that you will come to at least one swim practice a week.

    RULES: I am attaching our addended rules for Covid-19 and Emergency Action Plans. You should have read our other rules when signing up for SwimTopia. These are specific to this year. Please, read through these documents thoroughly as they will have procedures on how to enter the pool and leave the pool safely and emergency protocols.

    BUS: I am trying to get a bus to transport freshmen or non-drivers to the pool, but unfortunately we do not have one yet for this week.

    COMPETITION GEAR: We will not be ordering swimsuits this year as the season is just too short and by the time we got them, the season would be over. There are jackets available to purchase through Mrs. London. More information to come shortly.

    STARTUP MEETING: After my meeting with Metro League, I would like to schedule a Parent and Athlete Team Meeting to go over an issues or questions or suggestions and how we will run swim meets and time trials. Please, feel free to give me any question you would like the league to address.

    Let me know if you have any questions.


    Coach Loy

    And as always FOR THE POPE!

    Please, see Roster Below:

    Katherine Adams SO
    Erica Adams SR
    Erin Austin SO
    Katie Baber SO
    Bella Berard SR
    Chloe Bergevin FR
    Megan Bigalk SR
    Maddie Blackmore JR
    Augusta Castrodale JR
    Vanessa Chesley FR
    Leyla Collins JR
    Stella Cross SR
    Caroline Crow SO
    Anaiysaa Deswal FR
    Rayna Ejarque FR
    Portia Ellis JR
    Tess Forster SR
    Hope Gelfand SO
    Mackenzie Guy SR
    Kathleen Hollinger SR
    Mela Houser SR
    Mackenzie Jones SR
    Anna Kleewein JR
    Ava Kunz SR
    Nora Lee FR
    Vilija Liffick SR
    Sofia Malaspino JR
    Emmie Mathieu
    Pari McDonald SO
    Ana McDonald SR
    Kaitlyn McMorrow FR
    Aili Orkand FR
    Marielle Pangelinan JR
    Noelle Peck JR
    Sophia Rivera SO
    Hannah Ross FR
    Regan Rowe JR
    Elise Scott JR
    Carmen Sidler-Dever SR
    Gabrielle Smith JR
    Margaret Straley SO
    Isabelle Strong JR
    Lauren Tagavilla FR
    Mae Vanderslice JR
    Norah Wall FR
    Fiona Williams JR
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