Signing up for the Heja Sports Teams Scheduling App


    Here is some important information on how to sign up for Swim Practices. I do not know yet how Coach Ed is going to divide up Dive so you would not use this app for dive but you should join the app just to see what is going on, share photos of Dive practice and see photos from your sister swimmers. 

    Parents - You may also sign up for the app but please do not sign up for practices. :) (You will not be allowed to swim). Ha, ha, ha. 

    We will be using SwimTopia for scheduling meets and volunteer sign-ups.

    Finally - I am hearing that the hybrid schedule will be changing next month but I do not know the break down yet, so please wait to sign up for those practices until we know. The plan was to recommend coming to practices on the days you are scheduled to go to school. Again, I would love for everyone to sign up for at least 2 practices a week. Even more if there is room. You will need to check the app to see if there is room.

    Here is the link and information for adding the app. I have only scheduled the first week of practices at this time. I hope to have the month set up by mid week next week. I get new information everyday, so I am scrambling to keep up and give out accurate information.


    For those already on Heja, the code is EK781066

    Thank you for your patience and sorry this is coming at the last second as I continue to get new information at the last second.

    Sincerely - Coach Loy

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