First Week info

    Hi Athletes and Parents,

    A few things for this week!

    • If you use an inhaler, please remember to bring it to practice and notify one of the coaches where it is kept.
    • Expect to swim in light rain. It will be very rare if I cancel practice, I will let you know via Heja.
    • Practice starts at 3:00 pm but I do not expect we all enter the water until 3:15 pm. It is okay if you show up a little late but you still need to let me know via Heja and also if you need to leave early.
    • Parents meeting parents – The Heja app is a great to get to know other parents on the team especially if you are new to Holy Names Academy.
    • Heads up – Athletes will need to get 5 practices in the next 2 weeks in order to participate in the dual meet in week 3 per WIAA requirements.
    • You will be allowed to change in the locker rooms if you ran out of time at school. That is why I am expecting we will not be in the water until 3:15 pm. We will have to go in shifts.
    • I have set up Time Trials #1. You should sign up for 2 events via SwimTopia asap. For those you who are new to SwimTopia, I have attached directions on how to sign up. I am not sure we will do relays for time trials but I would like to have some idea of times for our meet against Laskeside, so I may ask some of you to attend on a day with your other teammates.
    • We may have a bus by Week 3. I am very sorry that we do not have one now. I am trying my hardest to get someone to drive the bus but he will have to go through training first. With this said, please email me if you are hoping to use the bus.
    • Finally, only 9 swimmers have signed up for practice tomorrow. I am expecting 24 swimmers every practice so sign up for additional days if you see openings.

    I have attached the schedule that Coach Kim has put out on our Teams Board. I also have attached a practice chart so those of you who have not swam since the pandemic know how to socially distant in the pool.

    Looking forward to seeing all of you this week. I am so excited. It’s going to be a fun season! - Coach Loy

    Here is the link for directions on SwimTopia:


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