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    I know I have a lot of emails to respond to and am trying to get to them all. I am hoping to clarify some things but first, here is some very important information from our Metro League meeting last night.

    Time Trials – I did not know this but you must pick the same two events to swim every week. I thought we could alternate but we cannot. Here is the reason. (I will try to make it easy to understand).

    Example: Jane Doe competes in the 50 free and the 100 back. She realizes after Time Trials 1 that she has a faster time than everyone that competed in the 200 free. She also sees that she has come in 15th place in the 100 back. She wants to switch to the 200 free because she knows her time will put her in the top 8. Metro League will not allow this.

    They will allow a switch if you have an athlete that thought she could do the 500 and then realizes it is too hard.

    So, with all that said…

    The (2) events you pick to swim next week will be what you would have chosen to swim if you were going to the championships. I hope everyone understands that. I will explain again at practice. TIME TRIALS 1 is open for sign-ups. Go to schedule.

    If you are a club swimmer, most of you know what other girls from the other teams swim for their best events. Think about who you want to compete against for the next three weeks. The top 8 athletes from each event will be recognized. I believe the top 8 will be honored as Metro League 1st Team and 2nd Team.

    Officials/Refs/Audiences – Unfortunately, we will not have officials for Time Trials or Dual Meets. We are using the honor system. That means the coaches and the players will be doing the timing.

    Dual Meets – You can swim (2) different events but the opposing team coaches will decided what events we will be swimming.

    Time Trial and Dual Meet Flow Charts - I have attached (2) options of how to run Time trials and Dual Meets. I would like you to look them over and see what works best for you. I will be asking you all at swim practice.

    Spring Break – Some of you have mentioned that you are venturing on leaving town. The school’s policy is that you must quarantine for 14 days upon returning to the state. I am missing one of my best friend’s weddings, in order to coach, because I could not see missing three weeks out of an 8 - week schedule. These are the tough decisions we need to make. It was an easy choice for me with her wedding being in the Dominican Republic which is a Level 4 and a brother who just caught the virus traveling from Colorado to Florida. Again, it is your decision. I understand needing a break. You can always swim next year which should be somewhat normal. It’s not like we are doing championship races.

    Lettering – Any grade can Varsity letter. We usually do letters by time which is determined by Metro League. It is hard for me as a coach to see an athlete show extraordinary commitment to the team and work hard at every practice and then not Varsity letter because she hasn’t been able to make a Metro time and then see an athlete that has not shown little commitment to her teammates but Varsity letter because her time. There has be commitment.

    Elite Sports – I am the mother of two elite athletes. I understand how difficult it can be. I have been that mother crying at the coach because he benched my daughter or took her off a relay team. I get the pressure that all of you are under, daughter and parent. I am not here to force anyone to participate. I am just her to offer an alternative experience for the sport we all love so much.

    Please, look over the attached charts and think about what works best for your schedule. I will be polling you over the next three days. 


    Coach Loy

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