Time Trial 1 Entries due along with practice schedule


    We have TIME TRIALS NEXT WEEK! I need you to sign up for your two favorite events. If you do not feel comfortable as a beginner and only want to do (1) event, that is fine. If you are a diver who also swims and want to do (2) events, that is fine as dive will be competing separately.

    Here are directions for how to sign up if you are new to this.

    Here is what to do. First, sign into Holy Names SwimTopia. If you have lost your password, email me immediately and I will reset your account.


    1. Look under Upcoming Events and click on TIME TRIALS 1.
    2. Then click on the green Meet Entry button
    3. Click on Edit
    4. Declare you attending the meet
    5. Click 1-2 events you want to participate in
    6. Leave me a note if you have a question or statement. Or just want to tell me what day you are practicing.
    7. SAVE! Don’t forget to Save. I cannot tell you how many people make this mistake.

    I am leaning towards doing option 2 for Time Trials. This means you will need to sign up for at least (2) practices in order to get both events in. We have a roster of 48 athletes. Sign up for your practices asap so you don’t lose a day and give others the option to switch days.

    All practices are 2 hours next week. The first hour will be dedicated to Time Trials and warm-ups. The second hour will be dedicated to practicing. There is some concern about swimmers being cold while timing. Please, bring your parkas and an extra towel. If we have extra lanes, we will allow swimmers to sit in the pool instead of time. We also have showers if someone needs to warm up.

    This is all a new way to do it. We are going to go this route and make adjustments as needed.

    I am attaching a pdf of all who have signed up already.

    Take care and have a great weekend! Can't wait to capture times next week!

    FOR THE POPE! (Bobble Head Pope Francis will be attending Time Trials)

    Sincerely – Coach Loy

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