Urgent: Time Trials begin tomorrow! DID YOU SIGN UP ON HEJA??


    I am attaching the lineup for Time Trials. These will be the events you are swimming for the rest of the season (minus dual meets). Please, let me know now if you have changed your mind.

    No Changes with Exceptions: I have asked permission for one injured swimmer to be able to change her event if her injury makes it too difficult to do one of the events she is signed up for. and for all beginner swimmers to be able to change their events based on their skill.

    Coach, I did not sign up but I see my name: I have signed up some athletes that could not make it this past week. I will enter you as NT if you are not able to come into practice this week as well. This is special circumstances for athletes that are under quarantine. I do not expect you to swim this week. I just have you listed in case.

    Wednesday Relays: Wednesday is our On-line day and makes the most sense to run relays. If you are on a relay and cannot make it on Wednesday, let me know ASAP. Or see if your relay team can all make it on another day and I will try to run your relay on that day. However, it would be nice to have all the relays racing against each other.

    Relay Alternates: I have asked the league if we can use alternates for relays. It does not make sense to me that I must stick with the same people for the relays. What if someone gets sick. If I remove someone from a relay or they do not show up for practice, the next fastest person will move up to their spot. (Mela, I know you have Dive on Wednesday. I am hoping you will be able to make it in time for the later relays. You may end up only making the 400 free).

    Relays are never final: I am always thinking through relays. Relays are never final until the moment you all step onto the block. Please, understand that I may make changes at the last minute depending on people's health or availability.

    Other relays: We will try to put together more relays during regular practice so that everyone can experience being in a relay.

    Sign up on Heja for your practice days: If you do not see your name on the Spread sheet I have attached, it means you have not signed up for a practice yet. You are making it very difficult to schedule events so please do this before 4 pm. The deadline was on Friday.  I would like to get some sleep before work tomorrow.

    Please, look through all the attachments. 

    Thank you! Coach Loy, coach of the BEST TEAM IN THE ENTIRE WORLD!

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